Are Chinese products of poor quality and dangerous for health?

Everyone is going crazy about Chinese online shopping, but there are still a lot of misconceptions associated with the products. Here are 5 myths that keep you from saving money on gadgets and cosmetics.

  1. They are cheap because they are of poor quality

Myth: If a product is cheap, it means it will fall apart in a week.

Made: Low prices are not always due to poor quality.

The Chinese economy allows them to set low prices. Wages in China are much lower than in most Western countries: Currently, the minimum monthly wage for employees in the United States for similar work averages $ 176 for an eight-hour shift. To compare: in Italy, it’s $ 1,500.

And these aren’t the only savings. The Chinese tax system allows manufacturers to deduct tax costs for the production period from the VAT on goods. Additionally, China is a country with the largest retail market, forcing companies to actively compete with each other and set low prices.

This means that low cost of goods does not always mean low quality. But it doesn’t hurt to check it again – user reviews are helpful.

  1. Take too long to arrive

Myth: Goods from China take over a month to arrive and often get stuck at customs.

Made: No one is immune to problems with the post, but you can use courier delivery with followed by the speedpak.

No one wants to wait a few months to get a protective glass for your phone, earrings, or thermos, and you don’t have to. You can easily calculate when you will receive the package, and if you need the goods urgently, for a little extra charge, you can speed up the process.

  1. Cosmetics from China are dangerous for health

Myth: the Chinese use toxic substances that are dangerous for health.

Made: The production of cosmetics is controlled at the state level.

The safety of ingredients in cosmetics in China is monitored by the Food and Drug Administration. 1,200 ingredients, including arsenic, lead and cadmium, are prohibited by law. To be sure there are no toxic ingredients, read the product content on the online store site before ordering, or opt for branded cosmetics.

  1. All chinese is wrong

Myth: In Chinese online stores, you can only find fake versions of branded items or fake tech.

Made: There are world famous independent Chinese brands.

Fakes are popping up in online stores, however: in 2016, for example, they were inundated with Kylie Jenner lipsticks for $ 1.50. However, this is only part of the market. China produces more than two trillion dollars in goods each year. This includes products from companies with big names: gadgets from Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, TCL and other Chinese brands, which have a long presence in the global market and are now overtaking giants like Apple and Samsung in terms of sales.

Chinese branded electronics are sold in online stores just like cheap products.

  1. It is easy to get the wrong size because clothes in China are made for short and short people.

Myth: Without trying, it is impossible to choose the right size of clothes or shoes.

Made: Sellers in online stores add size chart to product descriptions.

In fact, finding the right product is easy. You just need to know your exact parameters and not be guided by the letters S, M or L. Now with the descriptions of clothes and shoes, the sellers attach more details. For example, for jeans, the length of the leg, waist and hips will be indicated; for a shirt, the size of the chest and the waist; for shoes, size.

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