The Lite Lender BestCredit is the central installment credit product that can also be largely processed online. The online loan application to Lite Lender only takes a few minutes, but the process until a loan agreement is completed and the loan paid out takes a little longer. After approval of the loan application and the payment of the money, the credit account appears in online banking: How long does it usually take until the Cream Bank has paid off the loan? By extending the withdrawal period when concluding a consumer credit, the legislator wants to give consumers more time to think.

Loan application filed – how long until the payment?

Loan application filed - how long until the payment?

When will payment be made? Whether or not you answer these questions depends on whether you applied for your loan on the Internet or at one of our offices. After entering your credit request on the Internet, you will usually receive feedback within one bank working day. Please return the loan vouchers in the PostIdent procedure * to the Best bank.

The payment is possible with the inclusion of the postal procedure within five bank working days. At the offices of Astro Financne, you have the opportunity to realize your desired financing in just a few moments.

The payment of the loan! The part 3

The payment of the loan! The part 3

Dear Customers, I am already a Cream Bank customer and have to fill in an application for an online loan with a provisional confirmation last Wednesday. A term contract until February 2018. My job is a management trainee program in a healthcare corporation with very high takeover probabilities.

Now I have a few questions: 1 What is the significance of acceptance in the online application? The payment date is 20.11.2017. When can I expect the confirmation / disbursement of the loan? How do I get the confirmation?

First 14-day waiting period for the loan payment

First 14-day waiting period for the loan payment

The extension of the deadline for consumer credit should give the consumer more time to think. The payment of a loan is therefore usually 14 days after signing the contract. For consumer loans in Switzerland, a new withdrawal period will apply from 1 January 2016.

Consumers and credit institutions can now unsubscribe from a consumer credit agreement for 14 days without any consequences. In reality, this means that consumer credit will only be disbursed 14 days after signing the loan as from 1 January 2016. Even now, credit institutions and financial institutions are not taking payment risk before the deadline expires and are waiting for the appointment.

As a result, borrowers will have to expect a significant extension of the procedure. The borrowers therefore have to plan a little more carefully and start the loan application a whole week earlier than before.