Diamondbacks shut out by Nationals, lose 1-0 Tyler Gilbert

Shamelessly stealing today’s concept from our esteemed Turambar, I’ll make a beer. I thank Patrick for broadening my horizons in beer drinking and it was an enjoyable trip. I picked up a 4 Peaks Brewing Variety Pack from Costco, ($26).

I also snagged Patrick for his advice on the order of drinking, to maximize the palate experience. His answer :

“Start with the WOW, then Kiltlifter, Hazy and end with HopKnot”

Another feature is that I will try to get Mrs. Shoe to taste and review each beer with me. For anyone who’s hung out with us, it’s remarkable because she gets trashed after a drink. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get lucky tonight!

On to the game then. Since it’s 4:00 p.m., we’ll be doing round summaries for those who can’t leave work early enough to watch the game.

T-1 Washington Nationals starter Joan Adon buzzes to the top of the standings on 9 pitches. Varsho K, Marte F-7, Peralta, 4-3

B-1 Tyler Gilbert on the bump for the Diamondbacks. After a lineout in the center by the first hitter, Christian Walker smashed a jumping 108 mph on Juan Soto’s bat and turned to Gilbert for the 2nd out. Doing it better, Yonny Hernandez jumped high in the air to catch a 110 MPH line drive from Nelson Cruz.

The Joy Bus WOW Wheat

A fruity wheat beer, we both took the Orange flavors of course. Ms Shoe thought she also tasted pineapple, but according to the recipe link, it contains apricot and vanilla. It is significantly more intense than your typical citrus beer. A nice bonus is that a percentage of the sale of each one goes towards improving the quality of life of homebound cancer patients. (See link ABOVE)

T-2: After Walker K watches, Smith breaks the strike seal early with a one-liner to right center. Seth Beer takes a walk. But Carson Kelly hits in a 6-5 force and Hernandez hits 5-3, blocking both runners.

B-2: Gilbert crosses the 2nd place by granting only a harmless single. Only 28 pitches, 18 of 2 strikes.

T-3: Geraldo Perdomo walked first, but at the top of the order, all made quick outs on a total of 8 pitches without even advancing him to 2nd. THE. HIGH. OF. THE. ORDERED. POSSESSES. SEEN. 17 LOCATIONS. CHECKED IN. 6 OUTPUTS.

B-3: 3 Up 3 Down for Nationals. Gilbert only needed 8 pitches and even got a K in the inning.

T-4: Victor Robles robbed Walker of a sinking ocean liner, making a running dive catch. Pavin Smith hit a smash against the wall in dead spot and Robles almost nailed that one too, but it bounced off his glove and off the wall before Robles caught it falling. Ruled a double. Seth Beer K looked and Kelly flew to the deep right center to block another runner.

kilt lifter

Most are familiar with this Scottish “flagship” beer from our local brewery. Deep in color and taste, it is aptly described as a “full-bodied beer” on the website. You know you are getting something substantial. (AND ABV 6%). For some reason Mrs. Shoe thought she had tasted grape juice. She may have to be fired as an assistant taster.

B-4: Gilbert only needed 7 pitches to mow down the middle of the Soto, Cruz and Josh Bell national order. He’s just 43-for-4 throws. I’m pretty sure no other D-back starter is that effective so far.

T-5: Quick round 1-2-3 over 7 pitches for Adon.

B-5: 1-2-3 innings on 12 pitches for Gilbert.

T-6: 1-2-3 round for the Adon.

B-6: Strange game. Following a base hit from Robles, Lucious Fox hit a sack bunt which was lined out by Gilbert who shot Walker. Just as Walker caught the ball, Fox’s helmet flew off and hit Walker in the face and he dropped the ball. It was ruled a bag bunt and E-3. HARD error.

Unfortunately, Cesar Hernandez doubled on the left scoring the first inning of the game and the Nationals had 2nd and 3rd with no one. Soto tapped out first, and Cruz was intentionally walked. Bell came out in 2b and that was it for Gilbert as Torey Lovullo got out of the dugout and replaced him with Sean Poppen. He brought Lane Thomas to K and blocked the runners.

1-0 Nationals at 6.

Gilbert line: 5 23 IP, 1ER, 3H, 1BB, 3K. As Steve Berthiaume said, stand up and applaud. After a flurry of hard contact in the first, it was mostly soft contact thereafter. Great outing.

HAZY IPA. Mrs. Shoe steps off the mat as she correctly identifies the passion fruit flavor of this fruity IPA. It’s also my favorite so far…although I know what’s to come later and I have a feeling I’ll end up being part of the HopKnot team. I should probably eat something.

T-7: Seth Beer released a single and that was it for Adon. He was replaced by Victor Arano. Of course, Beer went no further. Kelly and pinch hitter Cooper Hummel were both retired.

Adon lowered his ERA from 10.00 to 5.87 this game, allowing only 3 hits and 2 walks in 6.1 IP.

B-7: I guess things balance out in baseball. After a base hit from Makiel Franco, Riley Adams hit a ground ball to Walker who threw wide at 2b and knocked Perdomo out of the sack. But taking advantage of the neighborhood game, Franco was sent off at 2b. Should have been safe and deemed a mistake. Poppen brought up Robles and pulled out Fox to end the round.

T-8: Dbacks go 3 up 3 down for the 5th time in 8 innings. Yay!

B-8: Joe Mantiply throws a scoreless inning 1-2-3.


HopNode: It’s time to bring out the heavy hitter. I love this beer. Strangely sweet with just the pinch of bitterness you expect from a strong IPA. Can he do the trick for a 9th inning D-backs rally?

T-9: Peralta wraps a line to the right for a hit, and Walker walks. Smith follows with a sharp single right to charge them for Beer. He is unfortunately K on a fastball and away. Jake McCarthy hits for Kelly, but obediently exits into foul territory at 3rd base on a 2-0 pitching pitch that was barely in the inside corner. Alcantara flies to the left.

The bases didn’t charge anyone at 9th in a one-run game and they failed to tackle a single run.

It’s called the classic #Dbacky. It’s the third time they’ve been shut out this season and they’re down to 3-8 this year. They went 18 innings and scored 1 run on 11 hits.

They had the lowest batting average and fewest hits for any team in their first 11 games since 1920. We thought last year’s team might have set enough records for nonsense, but the 2022 version says to hold my beer. (Yes, pun intended)

Fangraphs Win Probability Box

Meatloaf: Pavin Smith + .237

Janet: Sean Poppen .105. (WPA showing its flaws as Gilbert failed to make the top 3)

Frank N. Furter: Sergio Alcantara -.229

Riff Raff: Jake McCarthy -.225

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