Flashback on December 12: Mattoon man admits to being part of a gang of car thieves | Lifestyles

MATTOON – John Morgan Lloyd, 21, of Mattoon was arrested Saturday afternoon on reports that Lloyd was linked to the major auto theft ring, with nine other men having already been arrested on the same charge. Lloyd was taken to the police station and for nine hours and at first maintained absolute ignorance of any gang activity. It was only when the persuasion of his mother and an uncle convinced him to confess. At 1 am Sunday, he broke down and confessed to being a member of the gang… MATTOON – Words of praise for a Mattoon woman appeared in a recent issue of the Nashville Tennessean newspaper. Miss Florence Simms of New York, industrial secretary of the National YWCA, one of the most accepted authorities on women in business, is in Nashville with many demands on her time. His appearance in Nashville will be a Friday night dinner at the YWCA which will include many male employers in banking and manufacturing. While in Nashville, Miss Simms will be heard at a number of top schools and colleges. Miss Simms has given the most in-depth reflection and study on the subject of women in global industry in this country and in Europe. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. MM Simms from Mattoon and plans to arrive here on December 22 for a Christmas visit with her family… CHARLESTON – A payroll of $ 9,183 for the past week and 503 employees has been on great record set at the Brown Shoe Factory in Charleston, possibly the largest record of several of the company’s factories for the same period. The Charleston plant is now operating at full capacity and the schedule of 4,250 pairs of shows produced daily has been met, and Mr. Ekins, the Superintendent, is said to have received a new schedule of 4,500 pairs per day.

CHARLESTON – An announced merger between two computer hardware wholesalers is not expected to have an immediate impact on the ServiStar distribution center located north of Charleston, a spokesperson for the company said. On Tuesday, the owner of True-Value Hardware announced a merger with ServiStar Coast to Coast. The merger would create TruServe Corp. Nationally, ServiStar has eight distribution centers, Charleston being the only one located in the Midwest. There are 15 True Value distribution centers including Indianapolis, Cleveland, Kansas City, and Harvard, Illinois. The company spokeswoman said it will be a few years before the impact on downtown Charleston is known. She said there were 90 people employed at the Charleston distribution center… MATTOON – While all parties have agreed to use the same system, it is really up to the US Postal Service to determine. what address a rural resident’s mail is delivered to. Coles County 911 Chairman Rex Roberts responded to a question from a rural Coles resident about why rural street mailing addresses cannot be separated from 911. Representatives postal services said addressing was the duty of the 911 board of directors. The 911 system will rely on information from telephone companies for the address that appears on a computer screen when a 911 call is made. is done. Phone companies don’t want multiple addresses on their system, Roberts said.

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