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Although they are not always welcome, I have been told that I have beautiful feet – so beautiful that I want to share them with the world and enjoy the freedom of cold tiles, warm pavers, lush rugs. and original gravel under my toes wherever I go. I want to drive, eat, drink, bowling, dance, shop, and study without the burden of two books of leather, plastic, sewing and canvas limiting my accomplishments. As an American, I have the right to ditch the bulky, flabby boots, foo-foo sandals, slip-ons and ultra-trendy tennies forced upon me by the fascist “experts” in human health. snowflakes, anti-nudity and anti-world of foot smells.

It doesn’t matter, buttercup! God keep us from smelling something in the restaurant that isn’t infused with Lilac, Old Spicy, or the French Eau de Toilette Gwyneth factory.

We were born without socks or shoes, and I won’t question The Maker’s choice on that! If God had wanted us to have shoes, He / She would not have made my feet so beautiful and so fragrant!

As a child, I spent all day barefoot, running around the neighborhood and playing ball, biking, eating, drinking, and visiting parks with no shoes on at all. Guess what, I survived very well. True freedom! Just the silky velvet of the warm sand of the beach, Kentucky bluegrass and pruned fescue, with no limits – other than collapsed arches – holding me back. That occasional nail, nail or sharp stick is what toughened them up and boosted my immune system!

There are kickers who don’t wear shoes, and no one tells them they can’t. They just do.

I’m sick of the fine-tuned “sanitary conditions” fascists who insist they “don’t want to smell my feet!” Well, get used to it, moaners, because these are my feet – “No shirt, no shoes, no service” is equivalent to “No sale”, comrade!

Trick or Treat, smell my feet and stopper your nose, if you have to – you have a choice NOT to smell my feet. Stop telling me what smells good and what is hygienic, because I’m pretty sure the cavemen survived without Nikes, Sketchers or gasps, Pradas. They hunted and gathered even without shoes!

Modern shoe laws are just a “Big Shoe” ploy to keep us hooked; To buy, wear – and of course, wear out – expensive shoes in a never-ending cycle of tormenting regulation. It stinks, otherwise!

Where is the real data on barefoot health problems? I’ve never seen anything on social media since ‘Big Shoe’ won’t let it out, as it could end their Deep State efforts to keep us shod, quiet, compliant, and spendthrift. Follow the money, honey.

Stand up, patriots! Don’t let anyone limit your success or your enjoyment by insisting that they know your own smells, foot ailments, or illnesses better than you do.

Freedom is just a few steps away, even if your feet aren’t as beautiful as mine.

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