Go ahead, wear the same dress every holiday party this season!

New Northwest Day, Suzie Wiley, Darcy Camden

10:01 a.m. PST December 6, 2021

10:01 a.m. PST December 6, 2021

This year, many of us may venture into holiday events, parties and gatherings again. But we have a question: is it okay to wear the same dress for every holiday function?

Our friend Darcy Camden has joined us to answer this question!

Featured Looks:

WATCH 1: A sleeveless shift dress is one of the most versatile styles to own, because you can easily layer it or underneath (or both!). Putting on a fitted blouse or turtleneck underneath alters the neckline and adds coverage to the arms. I also like a product called Sleevey Wonders, which are kind of like arm tights.

Highlighted: Tommy Hilfiger sleeveless LBD (Macy’s), Sleevey Wonders

WATCH 2: I started with the same dress and a high boot – changing shoes, going from a heel to a boot to a flat drastically changes the look of the whole outfit – then, I added a cozy sweater over the dress, which covers the top and makes it look like a skirt instead. A sparkling festive headband also has a big impact.

Highlighted: Striped sweater (J.Crew), crocodile ankle boots (DSW), headband (Express)

WATCH 3: I started this one with a plaid button down shirt under the dress. A long cardigan is a great layering piece, it adds warmth and drama, and it looks great on this dress. A belt allows you to define the size. And tights don’t have to be boring! A lace patterned tights add a lot of texture to the outfit.

Highlighted: Plaid button-down shirt (J.Crew), gray waistcoat (Amazon), belt (Express), patterned tights

WATCH 4: This last look has the most layers, it would be great to wear on a very cold night like New Years Eve. I started with a fitted turtleneck under the dress, then added a soft jewel cardigan and a very warm fleece leggings. Finally, I made a nice plaid overcoat and a nice hat. If you’re worried about overdoing it, my advice is to stick with a simple 2-3 color palette.

Darcy Camden is Founder and Chief Stylist of Seattle Style: Your Personal Wardrobe Stylist.

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