Going to Salt Lake City? 10 Types of Utahns You’ll Likely Meet

It’s always good to familiarize yourself with the lifestyle and culture of a new place before you travel there. This way, adapting to your new surroundings won’t be a challenge.

Popularly known as the capital and most populous city in the state of Utah, Salt Lake City is one of those areas you want to familiarize yourself with before you travel.

Whether you’re going on vacation, business, study, or visiting family, spending the next few minutes reading this guide can make all the difference in your first experience upon arriving in Salt Lake City.

10 Types of Utahns You’ll Likely Meet

As we said, Salt Lake City (SLC) is the most populous city in Utah. As such, it’s safe to assume that the city is the biggest indicator of what to expect in other parts of the state.

While the rest of the United States tends to feature unique attributes and lifestyles, the people of Utah tend to be a bit stereotypical (we mean that in a good way). That is, it is easy to predict what your new neighbors are likely to look like or what their character will look like.

Without further ado, let’s see what the typical inhabitants of Utah look like.

1. The blogging mother

Let’s start with the types of women you can expect to meet.

Beautiful, vivacious, always smiling, yes, that’s what an average Utah mom looks like. When you meet her at best restaurants in SLC, you’d be wrong to assume that she probably spends her days taking care of the kids on her own. These women almost always have an online blog that they run on their behalf. Yes, I mean literally. Talk about having a blog named like this: AngelinaGovidlifestyleblog.com. That’s what your usual mom from Utah would do.

But hey, she’s great like that.

2. The hipster

A hipster is someone who follows the latest fashion trends. At SLC, expect to come into contact with these types of people more frequently. If you don’t have them as neighbors, you will certainly come across them at best bars in the city. Heck, Utah hipsters love to spend the evening at a bar, mostly with their girlfriends (babes).

How would you recognize a Utahn hipster when you see one?

They are usually dressed in the latest fashion. These are the ones you’ll see with the latest Gucci muffler, ripped jeans, cute sneakers (not bad shoe gangs) or attention-grabbing sunglasses.

Could add a little tattoo on the arm, too.

3. Mormon Beauty Personalities

In other parts of the world, when you hear someone is a beauty personality or a fashion expert, what comes to mind?

Probably young, dynamic and inventive with styles. Law? Well, that’s also true for your Utah beauty expert, although you might want to add a little religion to the mix.

Yes, you read that right. The beauty experts here are also religious geeks. An article on allure.com once called them the Mormon Beauty Personalities of Utah.

Do you know what Mormons are? They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is a unique religion established in 1830 by Joseph Smith Jr.

4. Different seasons, different jobs Utahns

Don’t think that since people change jobs every season, you’ve never seen as many as you’re going to see in SLC. It’s almost like a trend.

These seasonal employees are usually in their early or late twenties. It can be a boy or a girl; sex doesn’t really discourage them.

What you’ll notice is one month they’ll tell you they work in a mine downtown, and the next month they’re pushing trucks up there. It’s more what the season brings, it’s what these people like.

Another common thing you will notice with these people is that they never cut their hair or shave their beards. Whenever you see them, expect their beards to look full and fully developed. If it’s women, it shows in their legs – they’re never shaved.


I don’t know which one is more alien; perhaps I should let you be the judge of that. The fact that practically Utahn belongs to a DAMP variety or the fact that those who are not are encouraged to be.

DAMPS in UTAH means dance, comedy, music, acting and singing. So when we say virtually everyone belongs to a variety of the acronym, we mean that virtually everyone can at least dance, play, make music, perform or sing. Heck, some people even do everything.

What I find even stranger is that those who don’t belong to any variety group are encouraged to find a learning group. Look everywhere in the city, and you will find beautiful ensembles of ladies learning to play the violin, ensemble of guys practicing to be singers, groups of both sexes playing instruments in town halls.

6. Socialite Utahn

These are the ones you will find at best fast food restaurants in salt lake city.

They are selective with their choice of meals, as well as the choice of restaurant. They never spend time in modest downtown bars. They are never dressed casually. And most of the time, you’ll probably see their baby (or socialite wife) falling on their shoulders.

These people are usually dressed in their very expensive tuxedos, giving the impression that they are heading to an awards night. And when it comes to bills, they’re the ones who write the checks. They are the ones you will find to support volunteer and non-profit projects. They are the heart and soul of SLC. Because their money keeps the platform oiled.

Simply put, a Utahn socialite isn’t hard to spot. They stand out from the crowd wherever they are. You should see a whole lot more regularly if you’re lucky enough to attend awards shows or visit charities regularly. After working around the clock to harness the riches of SLC, nonprofits are how these people give back to the community.

7. Hikers and Backpackers

Isn’t it strange to find city dwellers going mountain hiking in the same city? Admittedly, it’s fine to do this when you’ve just packed your bags. But three years in one place and you’re still crazy about trails and woods, it must be a real passion.

This is a short description of Utah backpackers and hikers. In other parts of the world, hikers and backpackers are mostly tourists visiting a place for the first time. But in Utah, you’ll still find regular residents roaming the streets with their annual Utah National Parks Passes.

Don’t be surprised to see your neighbors – the same guys in tailored suits during the week – stepping out in their snowsuits and ski pants on the weekends. That’s what it feels like in this part of the world. Heck, you can even get in on the act.

8. Big Game Hunters

It’s 2022, but hey, who cares? Utah still prides itself on its traditional craft – game hunting. While you might not come across Utahn Hunters in the heart of SLC, they aren’t that far from you. Probably, a website away, LOL.

the Utah Wildlife Website is the official confirmation of the state of the existence of handicrafts in the region. As for hunters, they are all over Utah. Usually you’ll find them where they recount their hunting escapades to eager listeners. They never miss the chance to wander around town to tell shop owners, passers-by and neighbors about their hunting success.

If you stay in Utah for a long time, you will surely come across this type of Utahns. You might pass your neighbor’s patio, where you’ll find a hunter from Utah passionately describing his latest experience.

9. Multilevel Marketing

Utahn You all know MLM – one of the most common business advertising ideas in the world.

But what you probably didn’t expect is that the United States is also crawling with them.

Utah seems to be their home. Here, you’ll find plenty of marketers in perfectly tailored suits talking to prospects (watch out, you might be a target) about the thousand and one benefits they can gain if they buy a product.

These guys always attend seminars and marketing events throughout the year.

What’s intriguing about these guys is that you’ll never catch them frowning. Never again. They always wear their smile like a tie around their neck.

But be careful not to fall under the spell of these smiles. It’s all part of the game. They just want your attention. If granted, they will wear you down with discussions of how the product they market is a gift from Mother Nature herself, how it can cure your many diseases, and how only a fraction of it is left. .

10. Technicians

Utah is next to Silicon Valley with its own technology center called Silicon Scopes. As you can imagine, a good portion of the people who work here are traditional Utah residents.

This means people working with tech giants like Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft and others.

This group makes up Utah’s tech-savvy category, and they’re happy doing what they do best: working at big tech companies.

You’ll mostly find them at relaxing parks or at Comic-con, if something’s up.

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