Hyundai’s Seven Concept combines futuristic design with electric drive

  • The Hyundai Seven Concept hints at what is heading towards the production-ready Ioniq 7 battery-electric SUV.
  • The Seven Concept comprises Hyundai’s global modular electric platform, which currently underpins the company’s Ioniq 5.
  • The Hyundai Seven Concept makes its world debut at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show.

    Teasing the next step for its all-electric Ioniq sub-brand, Hyundai is showcasing its Seven SUEV concept at the Los Angeles auto show, a preview of the automaker’s upcoming Ioniq 7. The Seven concept shares the same minimalist design themes as the company’s Ioniq. 5 but pushes it in a direction that only a concept car can achieve. It also rides on the company’s Electric-Global modular platform, the same platform that will underpin future Hyundai electrical products.

    While we expect this concept’s styling outline to hit the production line, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen over-styling from Hyundai or Kia at the concept level. The Telluride concept also sported suicide doors and other ambitious design cues. This means the Seven’s reverse-opening rear doors are probably unlikely to make their way to the finished product, but some of the concept’s other quirks could.

    The interior of the Seven Concept is also more chic than most homes. Inside the Seven’s concept are a pair of lounge chairs, a shoe compartment and a mini fridge. Now we have Seen Kia cramming massive, reclining seats into the latest Carnival minivan, and other automakers have crammed coolers and refrigerators into the interiors, so it’s not impossible to expect some of these weird features can be found in the Ioniq Seven options sheet.

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    The powertrain for this concept car isn’t set in stone, but Hyundai notes it’s aiming for 300 miles of range. That’s pretty much the same lineup targeted for the company’s Ioniq 5, which would make sense given they share a platform. It could also mean that the Ioniq 7 could have a larger battery to compensate for the added weight of the larger vehicle, but those details are not yet available.

    Hyundai is also using the Seven Concept to spread awareness of carbon neutrality and environmental awareness. According to Hyundai, this concept is coated with Bio-Paint and renewable materials inside. Again, it’s hard to say how far that will evolve when the Ioniq 7 hits production lines, but it’s interesting to see Hyundai using more environmentally friendly materials on a concept car.

    How much of the Hyundai Seven Concept do you think will hit the production line? Let us know your thoughts below.

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