Imageco helps Dr. Martens take a sustainable step forward, with support from Drytac and HP

Imageco, based in Leeds, has teamed up with footwear brand Dr. Martens to create a range of interior and exterior graphics for its new test and learn concept store in London.

Leeds-based large format print and signage specialist Imageco recently used Drytac SpotOn SynTac and ViziPrint Deco+ to produce a range of POP and window graphics for world renowned footwear brand Dr. Martens in its new test and learn concept store on Carnaby Street in London. All graphics were printed using Imageco’s HP Latex 800W printer, with its environmentally friendly water-based inks.

Imageco was introduced to Dr. Martens by Syn Retail, a local design agency and existing Imageco client who works with a host of global brands in retail and activations. Syn Retail had worked with Dr. Martens for some time, so when the shoe brand was looking to create a new test and learn store, Syn Retail recommended Imageco to produce the graphics.

Imageco, which holds the leading environmental standard ISO 14001, jumped at the chance to work with Dr. Martens on the sustainability file. Using its extensive knowledge of environmentally friendly printing solutions, Imageco identified two Drytac products as the best solutions for the project.

SpotOn SynTac, a PVC-free polypropylene wall graphic medium, was used to produce exterior graphics for the storefront to cover works during its renovation. As SpotOn SynTac requires no lamination and is easy to apply and remove after use, it was ideal for short term graphics.

Imageco also selected ViziPrint Deco+, a high quality transparent window film, for the production of interior graphics for the store windows. ViziPrint Deco+ provided high-quality printing and let natural light into the store, while the product also met strict sustainability criteria for the job.

Commenting on the usability of Drytac solutions, Imageco General Manager Nathan Swinson-Bullough says, “We’ve been working with Drytac products for some time now. Following the success of this project – and in particular the quality of the final prints and the ease with which we found the media to use – this amount of use is about to increase,”

Imageco deployed its HP Latex 800W printer, supplied by Perfect Colours, to produce all graphics for the project. This, Nathan said, has allowed the company to provide even more sustainable service to Dr. Martens. Imageco was one of the first UK customers to install the HP Latex 800W Printer, in January 2021. The printer offers a suite of features, including the whitest white ink that won’t yellow over time, allowing printing companies to produce sharper outlines and add more. contrast.

The HP Latex 800W can print at speeds up to 36 m2/h (388 ft2/h) and delivers vivid colors and finer image details. It also works with water-based inks delivered in HP Eco-friendly boxes, made from cardboard, reducing the amount of plastic used by 80%.

“HP Latex Inks are water-based, which means they meet the job criteria very well. The fact that the ink was also vegan was a perfect match for Dr. Martens’ vegan boot product line,” Nathan said.

“Add to the fact that the inks also deliver the sharp quality needed for short term POS and in-house graphics, and are GOLD GUARD certified and VOC free, they have proven to be the perfect solution.

“Dr. Martens loved the work and really appreciated our efforts. The company is leading by example in showing what the future of more sustainable retail should look like.”

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