JésùSégunlondon shoes set to expand in the African market

From Fred Ezeh, Abuja

The luxury shoe manufacturing company JésùSégunlondon shoes began to enter the African market by the first quarter of 2022.

The founder of the London-based shoe manufacturing company, Andrew JésùSégun Mackenzie, revealed that the company has started building its first showroom in Ghana.

“Our showroom is currently under construction at the Kempiski Hotel Accra Ghana and we plan to launch a point of sale in Lagos / Abuja for 2022. After establishing our business in Nigeria, we will move to other African countries,” he said. Mackenzie said.

He revealed that Africa has a huge market with a high volume of potential that his company is committed to exploring.

“Africa has one of the highest markets in the fashion industry and we are committed to exploring this market for the benefit of the young African population and our brand,” he said.

Born to Anglo-Nigerien parents, Mackenzie created the JésùSégunlondon shoes in 2016 and since its creation, the shoe brand has benefited from a large sponsorship.

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