Margate Fire Department leads the way for new safety measures

MARGATE, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Margate fire crews take a big step forward in managing the challenge of infectious disease exposure with a new device that uses clinically proven UVC light technology to remove pathogens from shoe soles.

The HealthySole® PLUS unit is the newest addition to the comprehensive infection prevention measures the department uses to ensure the health and safety of its firefighters and paramedics, and their families.

An industry leader in security

The City of Margate Fire Department already holds the gold standard for EMS certification, a Class 1 rating for fire protection from the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and the best prices in national programs such as the “First There. First aid. emergency response competition. It was also the first in South Florida to comply with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 1851 guideline – having quickly adopted technology to protect teams from cancer risks.

The department carefully disinfects each vehicle after all its journeys, which on average more than 17,000 per year. The department’s comprehensive infection prevention measures include UV lamps and high-efficiency air filters for its trucks, as well as electrostatic sprayers.

“We are working hard to adopt new technologies to protect our firefighters and paramedics, and we are very grateful to have the support of the Town of Margate every step of the way,” said Fire Chief Roberto Lorenzo. “After experiencing a pandemic, infectious diseases are more of a concern than ever. We now have a better understanding of how air movement, along with soil and shoe contamination, all play a role in the spread of pathogens. ”

HealthySole improves comprehensive infection prevention from head to toe

According to Chief Lorenzo, a recent study by the International Fire Chiefs Association suggested that one of the most common ways for a firefighter to bring an infectious disease back to the fire station is the soles of his shoes.

“The addition of HealthySole units in our stations was obvious. We disinfect our protective suits between each call, but we cannot change the shoes we wear in our house, ”explained Danny Rodriguez, logistics division manager. “We know there are other ways to clean shoes, like chemical baths, that weren’t going to cut it. It only takes one contaminated shoe sole to reintroduce pathogens into our stations or homes. ”

Its operation is simple: the device scans shoe soles with ozone-free UVC light to remove up to 99.99% of common pathogens in just eight seconds. Nationally, fire and police departments are embracing the technology as part of overhauling infection control programs based on lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Fire and rescue teams face many risks, including infectious diseases. Adding an extra level of protection is so important, ”said Nick DeOrio, executive vice president of sales and distribution at HealthySole. “Now the crews can move from the mooring bay to the station and make it a clean area, not only for themselves but also for their visiting families. It is additional peace of mind.

While the pandemic may have triggered additional measures to improve prevention programs, Chief Lorenzo sees long-term benefits.

“The management of infectious diseases is not limited to COVID. It’s something we have to do every day, ”said Chef Lorenzo. “We set the highest possible safety standards. That’s why disinfecting our shoes is an essential part of our regular safety routine, now and in the future.

About the Margate Fire Department

The Town of Margate Fire Department responds to more than 17,000 service trips each year from five stations serving the community of Margate, Florida.

About HealthySole

HealthySole provides the first third-party clinically tested method to use UVC light to decontaminate shoes, a potent vector for the transmission of germs, including COVID-19, in healthcare and other commercial establishments, as well as in homes. Clinical studies, published in the Hospital infections journal, proved that HealthySole was statistically significant in reducing the amount of study pathogens on footwear, floors, bed rails, hard touch surfaces, and room vents. Learn more at

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