Patriots player brings love to Buffalo’s favorite grocery store

The rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots has been one of the most heated in the sport in recent years. For Bills fans in their 40s and older, the Miami Dolphins are probably the team they still hate the most, but for Bills fans in their 20s and 30s, it will always be New England ahead. from their list of villains.

The Bills beat the Patriots by a score of 33-21 last Sunday to reclaim the top spot from the AFC East. The Bills now have two games to go against the Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets, control the fate of their division and have a more than 90 percent chance of qualifying for the playoffs as they stand today. ‘hui.

The Patriots are also likely to advance to the playoffs this season, but might have to make it on the road. That first Wild Card game might just be at Orchard Park.

One of the Patriots’ best players is linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

Van Noy is also a huge fan of one of the favorite stores in western New York, in fact, which is probably the favorite store in western New York.

Van Noy tweeted how much he loved Wegmans.

The fact that Wegmans started in Rochester and is huge in Buffalo hasn’t gone unnoticed in this thread.

Van Noy is a very good player and a person standing off the field, but he plays for the Patriots so he won’t be a Bills fan favorite anytime soon … but his love for Wegmans deserves a few brownie points. .

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