“Pumps” the lifeline for women

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Yvonne Ncube, showbiz journalist
They are versatile. They are comfortable. They are breathable. They are affordable. They last a long time. They are simple.

When Coco Chanel said “Simplicity is the key to all true elegance,” many women in Zimbabwe must have felt it.

Whether it’s for going to work, going out, or just running a few errands, “court shoes” as they are commonly referred to are one of the most popular styles of women’s footwear, and also one of the hardest to define. .

In their most basic form, push-ups have closed counters and a cut-out top line that exposes the entire top of the foot from the toe box. A classic pump has a seamless upper and is made without laces, buckles, straps or ties.

Pumps add instant glamor to any outfit, whether formal or casual.

Available in a variety of styles and designs, many pumps feature peep toe, open toe, pointy toe, rounded toe, ankle strap, among other adornments.

Attractive and dangerously alluring, they are quite feminine. This brand is a great option for a wide range of situations, from casual everyday wear to providing excellent warm work allowance.

A well-fitting shoe is a must when it comes to comfortable footwear. Sometimes knowing your size may not be enough, but so does the brand. Characterized by perfection for any woman, these shoes not only look great on their own, but can also be paired with multiple outfits for any occasion.

In addition, the product is wrapped in a soft rubber midsole and additional padding in the forefoot, making them known for their lightweight and comfortable appearance. By changing the design of the shoes, we can see a fashionable neckline style for more mobility. Plus, they are available in many colors and styles, anyone can find the perfect match for them.

Before diving too deep here, it might help to know this. First appearing in the early 1900s, these shoes have stood the test of time.

The original flat-bottomed shoes were very fashionable at the end of the 19th century. The shoes were even showcased at dinners and events offered at the time and greeted with much applause. When this style of footwear began to take over the American fashion scene in the 1920s, it became apparent that it was more than just a trend. Today, this vintage style is making a comeback.

Since they rebounded in the fashion spotlight, they have become trending in women’s fashion. These are the kind of shoes that can be worn every day, so they’ve always been a lasting style.

In Zimbabwe, one cannot be blamed for saying that this type of shoe no longer needs heavy marketing because it does it all on its own. It earned the “must see” type of description. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that a woman has at least one pair in her closet.

Due to their versatility, they adopt the definition of multi-purpose, with their additional functionality. Made from flexible weaving technology fibers, the shoes are designed for strength and flexibility, they have won the hearts of many.

Making sure not to sideline the fashionistas, these flat-soled shoes have been a trending style for many streetwear looks.

With a functional approach to fashion, he incorporated the shoe racks of the young and older generations.

The sole of the shoes is usually made of durable rubber which can withstand wear and tear. While the base is sewn from a blend of breathable fabrics such as cotton, polyester and even leather, making them suitable to be worn as school shoes.

Over the years, schoolchildren in the upper grades of high school have found a niche to spruce up their school uniforms and add a little flavor. Not only do they look smart in these, but their durability is assured as well.

Above all, the pumps have bridged the gaps between the rich and the poor, not to mention the dimensions of power in the workplace, as the superior and the subordinate rock the same shoe.

A survey by Chronicle Showbiz in the City of Kings and Queens found that one in 10 women despise this type of brand, but she reluctantly admitted that pumps are affordable, durable and versatile.

“With a modern and versatile touch, these shoes are a user-friendly product that you will want to keep forever. Designed in various styles and colors, one is not limited to having a collection. Above all, pumps are designed with style and comfort in mind.

They have a light function which allows for prolonged daily use. Their rubber sole is very comfortable, they are known to support the foot and resist all terrains. One final feature that many may appreciate is the price. They are affordable but can still take you for a long time, ”said Ms. Lwandile Ncube (43), a resident of Hillside.

Another resident, Thando Nkomo (24), said the pumps are comfortable and therefore ideal shoes for every day.

“Wearing comfortable walking shoes that fit your feet can help prevent injuries such as blisters and calluses.

There is enough room, during normal walking your foot extends and lengthens up to a centimeter in each direction and the push-ups respond to it. The best thing about pushups is that I can wear them to work, they relieve the pressure. Wearing heels shifts your weight toward the forefoot, which puts more pressure on that area and usually results in forefoot pain.

High heels also create a balance problem; When you force your knees and hips forward, it can lead to pain and discomfort in your back and legs. But with heels I have both much worse casual and formal shoes at an affordable price, ”Nkomo said.

High school student Anathi Magu (18) said push-ups were the best preference for the day-to-day management of school activities.

“Being in high school means moving up and down from lesson to lesson and this movement has a limited time.

Pumps have come to save us from the weight of school shoes which tire easily, especially in hot weather.

Due to their light weight, they arrive at high speed, you can walk as fast as you can. They are indeed a lifeline! said Magu.

However, despite all the good features of pumps, conspiracies have emerged among men that these types of shoes smell bad.

Controversies have said that it is because they are of cheap quality.

“I have never come across a court shoe that doesn’t smell. I don’t know if they absorb heat or if they are sold with a bad smell. If it was just one person, it would have been easier to say that the person is not intelligent but then it is a majority, ”said a source who preferred to speak under the guise of anonymity.

However, despite these plots, women have maintained their position that pumps are a lifeline. – @SeehYvonne

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