“QVC Announces Sale of 28th FFANY Footwear Campaign” Expected to Surpass $ 60 Million After Dec. 31 Campaign | State

West Chester, Pennsylvania, 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – QVC®, the World’s Leader in Video Commerce, Streams 28NOT.“”QVC launches FFANY shoes“” Live on multiple platforms, including broadcasts on Tuesday 12 October so 5:00 p.m. EDTIncreased opportunities to buy causes on QVC’s digital platform December 31, 2021.. So far, QVC presents the FFANY shoes in collaboration with the Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation. $ 59.5 million For early stage cancer research and education.

Comprised of seven leading retail brands, QVC, HSN®, Zulily®, BallardDesigns®, Frontgate®, GarnetHill® and GrandinRoad®, the Qurate Retail Group believes in more than just selling. Their relationships and platforms reach millions of people around the world, giving them the unique ability to connect people and resources on a global scale. Challenges such as inequality, climate change and the well-being of communities require bold goals, fresh thinking, new initiatives and collective action. As such, corporate responsibility is an important part of our internal and external mission. Our Progress Supports the goals, priorities and principles of the organization. Qurate Retail Group is Qurate Retail, Inc. It is part of (NASDAQ: QRTEA, QRTEB, QRTEP).

Long-running popular campaign started QVC.com in early October, relying on wholesale donations from well-known shoe brands. Thousands of donated brands, shoes and accessories are offered at a retail price of at least half or the equivalent of the retail price *, with over 70% of the purchase price † going to Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation.

“The long-standing commitment to external and internal support of the QVC community was designed to stimulate more sustainable retail patterns and for research and education on catastrophic diseases such as breast cancer. Funding is a very important priority, ”says Long. Time QVC program host Jane Tracy. “We are proud to have hosted the QVC Presents FFANY Shoes on Sale show for almost 30 years. My sister is a survivor and honors her and all those who have had breast cancer on the show. My greatest hope is to find a cure one day. I am very grateful to everyone involved in our fundraising, especially since we are so close. $ 60 million I raised him. Together, we are making and will continue to make a difference. “

The Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation was established with support from the Fashion Footwear Association to support ongoing research and education programs to fight breast cancer. new York (FFANY) and its members. “The funds collected fromQVC launches FFANY shoes“Distributed to major breast cancer research and education institutions across the United States.

The beneficiaries of the 2020 event are: Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Rogel Cancer Center University of Michigan, Washington University Medical Cancer Vaccine Institute, Cedars Sinai, Sightman Cancer Center, St. John’s Health Center Foundation, and Weil Cornell Medical New York-Presbyterian Church.

Jean Heron, the president of the Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation (FFCF) praised the effort in a statement. Platform. They have been true collaborators in all of our endeavors. “The footwear industry is resilient to pandemics and adheres to its determination and commitment to fund the efforts of research beneficiaries seeking treatments for breast cancer,” he continued. paddy field.

For more information on selling QVC Presents FFANY shoes or purchasing a collection, please visit: QVC.com Search for “FFANY”.

QVC is a global leader in video commerce across broadcast, streaming, mobile and social platforms, delivering an engaging and interactive shopping experience to millions of people around the world and a large audience to thousands of vendors. Giving QVC offers the joy of discovery through the power of relationships. Every day, QVC takes millions of shoppers on a journey of discovery through an ever-changing collection of familiar brands and fresh new products, from home and fashion to beauty, electronics and jewelry. .. In the process, QVC connects buyers with interesting personalities, compelling stories, and award-winning customer service. Originally Westchester, PA. Founded in 1986, QVC has retail operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Italy. QVC has reached 218 million households through 12 broadcast networks around the world and millions more through multiple streaming services, websites, mobile apps and social pages. For more information, please visit: Corporate.qvc.com, @ Follow QVC Facebook, Instagram, Also Twitter, Or follow QVC Pinterest, Youtube, Also LinkedIn..

Qurate Retail, Inc. (NASDAQ: QRTEA, QRTEB, QRTEP) includes QVC, HSN®, Zurily® And the Cornerstone brand (collectively “Qurate Retail Group”SM“), And other minority interests and green energy investments. QurateRetailGroup believes in a third way to buy.® – Beyond transactional e-commerce and traditional physical stores. In addition to being a global leader in video commerce, the Qurate Retail Group North America And a leader in mobile commerce and social commerce (according to Digital Commerce 360). For more information, please visit: www.qurateretailgroup.comFollow @ QurateRetailGrp Facebook, Instagram Also Twitter, Or follow the Qurate Retail Group Youtube Also LinkedIn.. QVC and Q are ER Marks, Inc. This is a registration service mark of.

* At least half of the retail price or equivalent selling price. The retail selling price represents the actual comparative purchase price of the item advertised on the first day that QVC sells the item. Comparable retail prices represent the prices charged by retailers for items such as grade and quality.

† Purchase price does not include shipping, handling and taxes.

“QVC Announces Sale of 28th FFANY Shoes Fundraiser” Expected to Surpass $ 60 Million After Dec. 31 Campaign | State

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