Ricebirds Booster Club Returning Fry Tickets On Sale

The Stuttgart Ricebirds Booster Club will be holding their Return Home Fry on Friday, Oct. 15 at the Grand Prairie Center from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Elizabeth Hoskyn said members of the recall club have been anticipating this fundraising event since 2019 .

“We are delighted to have this again this year because we must have missed it last year. The returning fry is a great community event, ”said Hoskyn.

Yoder Ruritan will prepare the meal and provide what Hoskyn calls “the best fish on the prairie”. Participants can buy a plate with chicken or fish. Each plate costs $ 15 and no mixing is allowed.

“It just works a little easier for everyone. You can either have a plate of fish or a plate of chicken, ”Hoskyn said.

Dinners will be served in a queue behind the wheel.

“Due to the restrictions this year, we will only have drive-thru. Those of you who are really hungry for fish, please come and support the encore club, ”said Hoskyn.

Members of the community can purchase tickets from Callback Club President Josh Hayes by visiting Wilkerson Jewelers or calling 870-830-5393. Tickets can be purchased from the club vice presidents, Rusty Bulloch at Rich-N-Tone Calls or Kyle Stovesand at AgHeritage Farm Credit Services. Club treasurer Candace Prine also sells tickets at Pierce & Company.

“These are four places you can pick up those tickets,” Hoskyn said.

All the profits from the fry will be used for the needs of the athletes in Stuttgart.

“It’s very important for a student to participate and use all of their extra time to become an athlete. With your generous support, we can support things to make the lives of these athletes a little easier, ”said Hoskyn. “Football sweaters, Letterman jackets, purses, championship dinners, new cheering boards, training equipment, basketball shoes, golf shirts and hats, and tennis visors are offered to our athletes thanks to your generous support. “

To learn more about the booster club, visit the Stuttgart Ricebirds Booster Club Facebook page.

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