Ride in the Lo Res car and see into the future

With all the efforts these days to gain the edge in automotive design, you could be forgiven for thinking that it would be difficult to really make a car stand out – safety and efficiency also play a role in limiting this. that we can do aesthetically and structurally.

Well, it doesn’t matter when it’s a prototype now, does it? United Nude – you know, the premium shoe company from the Netherlands – decided that if you could come up with some of the most original and thought-provoking designs, you could transfer that original thought to automotive design as well.

As part of a move that may be a first (we’ll get to that later), Dutch shoe designers designed a car from scratch into something that could be justified as a work of art.

Now what does a futuristic car look like? Look no further than the angular, minimalist Lo Res Car with an obvious resemblance to both the Cyber ​​Truck and a cartoonish piece of cheese.

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A car designed only with rules and protractors

Via: Youtube

Via: Youtube

A key part of the design goal was to distill the shape of a Lamborghini Countach down to its basic elements, and we really mean basic, so that only a rough shape remains with minimal panels. . If this same philosophy were applied to an SUV, it would probably look more like an oval.

Then, with the Countach as the base and the overall shape defined, the designers got to work deciding how to build the shell and the foundation and how it should work if everything were to be completely (to the passerby) black and opaque with the driver and passenger invisible.

The shell of the car is actually a hinged awning that covers everything underneath, including the wheels and all parts of the chassis. Made of polycarbonate, which is plastic, it is lightweight and can be easily tinted during manufacturing. Once it’s in place, the illusion of a hovering or floating car is shattered, but there’s more to see inside.

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Dude, where’s my V12 engine?

Via: ad-cd.net

Via: ad-cd.net

As is the case with these things, you’d probably expect to hear about the engine or engine next, the archetypal centerpiece of any sport or supercar.

This is not a sports car or a supercar, however, and at its heart there is no performance-driven engine. In fact, it’s not designed to move as fast as it is to move regularly – like a golf cart – to prove that it can be driven.

Electric propulsion is provided by a small motor and is good enough that the odometer registers 30 mph with the pedal fully depressed. It qualifies – at least in California – as a “low-speed vehicle” according to the Electric Golf Cart Company. The same source cites other California road rules, including that any vehicle in this class must have 4 wheels and drive a maximum of 25 mph as well as meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) certification and require a driver’s license. and insurance.

I wouldn’t want to break down in a

Via: Maximum speed

Via: Maximum speed

So, it must have certain features and meet minimum requirements even though it is a slow vehicle, but don’t expect a lot of safety features in this car. The steering wheel is long and looks dangerous to the driver, there are no airbags, and the crumple zones don’t crumble because there aren’t any. Meet Doug Demuro walk and short drive in the Lo Res car where it emphasizes, as always, its many quirks and peculiarities in its inimitable style.

As Doug shows us, there are interior lights on the sides of the car that can be revealed under panels in the frame and there are indeed headlights.

We can see that under the roof of the capsule, which is the only way to get in or out of the car, there are two seats one behind the other, and the wheel arches and transmission are still visible. for vehicle occupants for a minimalist experience. inside and out.

The polycarbonate shell is transparent so the driver and passenger can see all around, providing excellent visibility when you appear to be floating in the streets of the suburbs.

Nike beat the Lo Res car by some margin

Via: Reddit

Via: Reddit

Another sneaker maker, the somewhat more famous Nike company, had a car designed in their image for Gran Turismo. This car, the Nike One 2022, had a more advanced powertrain – all-wheel drive, 260 hp, four electric motors, and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Theoretically weighing the same as a Lotus Elise for optimum acceleration, it was open-sided with just a curved roof to cover the driver, the wheels were connected to the car via a strange linkage mechanism that seemed invisible. You can see more images of the concept here.

It must be said that the design of the Lo Res car exudes style from the outside at least, although it lacks substance when you look deeper inside. Considering cars like the Cyber ​​Truck, this type of design – if it could include safety features and meet durability requirements – is something that could possibly be commercialized if not in the not-so-distant future.

This design guarantees something powerful and efficient under the hood – if we can’t float it, maglev-style, it should at least have a powerful electric drivetrain on par with a Model S Plaid, or so it’s the gasoline that we are looking for – a V12 would do just fine.

Long live the Countach car and Lo Res, brought together by United Nude and a minimalist designer with a minimalist kit.

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