Shame on NBA if a Spurs-Heat game takes place

I understand the protection of your product, but this is getting ridiculous. While the San Antonio Spurs have certainly faced setbacks in league health and safety protocols, what the Miami Heat must do to avoid postponements is not correct.

After defeating the Washington Wizards facing just eight players on Tuesday, the Heat must now travel to San Antonio for even more players. At the end of their recent victory, Jimmy Butler twisted his ankle and is now ruled out for Wednesday’s game against Spurs.

The loss of Jimmy means the Heat only had six players available on Wednesday afternoon, so they had to sign G League Austin Spurs’ Aric Holman to a 10-day contract just to get to seven. As things stand, they still need one more body to throw on the pitch which means KZ Okpala will need to be outclassed from questionable or another G League player will need to be signed for a 10 contract. days.

As per NBA policy, at least four “roster” players must be available out of the minimum eight required to play a game, but as Winderman clarified, both lanes now count as roster players. regular list.

While it will likely end up benefiting Spurs in the standings, what happens in the grand scheme of things matters more here. Imagine the shoe was on the other foot and San Antonio had to travel back to back with just six guys including Joe Wieskamp and Devontae Cacok.

COVID protocols are hitting every team and likely won’t stop anytime soon, but there must be better criteria for the product a team is putting on the floor. Getting the Heat to pick up a nearby G Leaguer (or two) at the last minute is a terrible look for the league.

Gregg Popovich spoke about how every schedule comes with tough times and he ended up feeling sorry for back-to-back teams. It’s different, though, and I think we’ll probably hear him say that this game shouldn’t be happening either once media availability takes place on Wednesday.

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To make matters worse, the Heat face a seven-game road trip starting Wednesday night, which includes another back-to-back game on Sunday and Monday.

Nonetheless, Adam Silver has said that the mission of the NBA is to limit postponements by whatever means necessary, so this game is unlikely to be postponed to a later date. Spurs could take a win on this one, but that’s not right.

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