“Squid Game” increased sales of white vans by 7,800%

In an ironic turn of events, one of the main lessons of a scathing critique of capitalism seems to have been the desire to buy shoes. Netflix’s hyperviolent K drama Squid game inspired a huge wave of popularity for the all-white vans, which feature prominently in the show.

Throughout the series’ nine episodes, we follow a group of 456 debt-ridden citizens who compete in various children’s games in any auditorium for the chance to win a plentiful cash prize. Here, competitors are required to wear green overalls with their player number on it and a pair of those white Vans on their feet. These basic white shoes are a visualization of players stripped of all individuality and dignity.

In an act of the kind of insane consumerism that will eventually get you to participate in any of these things, people felt compelled to wear the shoes of their favorite TV prisoners. As if that wasn’t literally the point that these were the most classic shoes the wardrobe department could think of, Vans saw a 7,800% increase in sales of this particular shoe since the beginning of Squid game September 17th. White slip-on shoes, in general, saw a 97% increase in search volume, according to Lyst.

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This is a clear testament to the show’s popularity, with Netflix announcing on Tuesday that 111 million people have already sat down to watch the phenomenon themselves, making it the most-watched program in the history of the platform.

A big aspect of recent interest in footwear probably comes from people looking for Halloween costumes. Searches for red suits and fencing masks have also increased 62% in recent weeks, likely mimicking the show’s villainous guards. Others even opted for the look of the murderous “Red Light, Green Light” doll from the show’s first episode, donning the orange dress, yellow t-shirt and a pair of knee high socks.

If this was a pair of solid white sneakers you were looking for, there are 19 more we would recommend before settling on the Vans. If you’re used to your ways, however, you can copy your own pair of slip-ons for $ 109.99 by clicking on the link below.

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