The 10 best mini laptops for work

You probably own a laptop and you are probably reading this story from said laptop. It’s awesome! Laptops really make work and entertainment easier – for most people who work and play with relatively normal sized files and documents. Plug it into a monitor and you essentially get a cheaper desktop computer.

But with all of the work from home and the ability to work just about anywhere, sometimes even a laptop can be too bulky to comfortably carry around your home or around a city. I know mine doesn’t bother me during my morning commute, but by the end of the day, I want to light my seemingly 50-pound bag on fire.

Mini laptops are a saving grace for that. Everything about them is more understated than your standard laptop. The screens and keyboards tend to be smaller, the processing speed a bit slower, and the weight of the machine is lighter. Think of it less as a replacement for your everyday laptop and more as something you use when you don’t want a heavy bag or need to put in a full day’s work. Some people leave their laptop in their office or desk and use the mini around the house. Others still keep their laptops at home and minis in a bag, ready to entertain the kids on a car ride and you during their swim practice.

Here we’ve rounded up 10 of the best mini laptops to get you started.

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