The 9 best carbon neutral business gifts of 2021

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You can make this holiday season a better one for the planet by providing lasting gifts made by carbon neutral companies. Carbon neutrality means that a company has achieved net zero emissions. Some companies do this by investing in carbon credits to offset their own emissions. Others go neutral through a hybrid approach to some type of credit combined with direct efforts to reduce their emissions, such as installing renewable energy on their facilities or using low-emission vehicles.

No business has zero environmental impact, and carbon offsets aren’t perfect (more on this below), but we believe supporting businesses that are genuinely focused on tackling climate change is a big deal. way to promote a greener economy. We searched for freebies, including low-waste housewares, sneakers made from renewable materials, and great organic treats.

Find our favorite gifts from carbon neutral companies below.

What to look for in carbon neutral gifts


When shopping for carbon neutral gifts, the first thing to consider is whether the product is actually of use to you or your recipient. Buying something just because it qualifies as a green product made by a carbon neutral company, and then never using it, is in itself a waste. Many green gifts can end up in the landfill because people have too many reusable drinking straws or water bottles. Remember, minimalism is your friend when it comes to living a waste-free life.


A major concern with carbon credits is that they can be used as a free pass to pollute, as long as a business can afford to purchase offsets. This is one of the reasons to be wary of the “net zero” emissions targets of companies which continue to pollute a lot. That’s why we love organizations like the nonprofit Climate Neutral, which works with companies to both offset and reduce their carbon pollution.

Other major third party organizations that offer carbon neutral certifications include the UK company BSI Group and Natural capital partners.

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