The art of shoemaking

An often forgotten art, shoe stringing – more commonly known as shoemaking – is one of the oldest crafts in the world, persevering through many trials since human beings fashioned the very first pair of shoes.

Today, the master shoemakers at Cobblestone Shoe Hospital continue the centuries-old tradition by providing high quality shoe, boot, handbag and luggage repairs to the community of Fort Worth.

“It’s a very special service with magic and beauty behind it,” says professional shoemaker Carroll Kelly, who owns the locations in Fort Worth.

Born into the famous Shoe Hospital family of shoemaking companies – which opened their first store in Houston on top of a horse-drawn carriage in 1906 – Cobblestone Shoe Hospital opened its first store in Fort Worth in 1988.

Behind the scenes, shoemaking requires intensive teamwork between many workers, each specialized in a single function, such as sewing or resoling, allowing them to be masters of their trade.

“We have probably the best high heel mender in the world because that’s what he’s been doing every day for the past 30 years,” Kelly said.

Kelly also says that unlike many small shoe repair shops, they are able to repair shoes using the same processes and tools that the shoe brands themselves use when they originally made their shoes and boots. This helps ensure that the repaired shoes look like new, as if they had never been damaged.

“There is no easy or fancy way to repair shoes, it’s an art, and we take great pride in our work,” says Kelly.

Cobblestone Shoe Hospital also hand grades its own leather and works directly with its tanneries to ensure that all leather and rubber materials are of the highest quality, helping every repaired shoe or boot look fresh out of the box. the box.

This is only part of what makes the work at Cobblestone Shoe Hospital so exceptional.

“Everyone here is a longtime craftsman who loves their work because it’s an art,” Kelly added.

The team’s expertise, combined with the high quality materials used for all shoe, boot and handbag repairs, creates the unparalleled service offered by Cobblestone Shoe Hospital.

Kelly says there are many benefits to repairing personal items.

One of the most important, he says, is its impact on the environment, as it preserves more leather and prevents shoes from being buried.

It also allows people to keep items to which they have personal and emotional attachments – whether it’s a vintage handbag they love, a perfectly broken pair of boots they’ve had since then. college or a memory of a deceased loved one.

Shoe repair is personal, and we understand and adapt to that,” Kelly says.

Their biggest interest is in repairing premium dress shoes for men and women and western boots, but Cobblestone Shoe Hospital can also repair everything from handbags, belts and luggage to jackets and saddles.

Stores also offer same-day shoe shine, personalized orthopedic dressings and leather dyeing.

For all repair or modification services, long-distance customers can access Shoe Hospitals world-class know-how using their online mail order shoe repair service, Shoemaker direct.

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