The Navy Approves Beards…If You’re No Longer in the Navy

The Navy has approved beards for sailors in uniform! There is only one catch. Sailors must be retired.

The department also approved several other uniform policy changes designed to improve women’s lives, including making hosiery optional when wearing skirts or pants.

Retired sailors are now permitted to have facial hair while wearing Navy uniforms for authorized ceremonies, the service said.

“Facial hair should be neatly groomed and consistent with a professional appearance,” the Navy said in a new Naval Administrative Message.

The update comes months after the Navy adjusted its beard policy for active sailors affected by razor bumps, officially known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, or PFB, so that these sailors cannot be started if treatments weren’t working, among other policy tweaks. But these sailors must still obtain temporary exemptions every three months.

Those with curly facial hair are more likely to develop the condition when shaving, and the condition is found in up to 60% of black men, according to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.

The main impediment to beards in the sea service is the Navy’s claim that facial hair interferes with the formation of an airtight seal when sailors are required to wear face masks, although the secretary of the Marine Carlos Del Toro asked the service to launch a study in March. to consider the matter.

Changes for women

The Navy also approved several new reforms to women’s uniforms, making hosiery optional for women wearing skirts and slacks.

“When hosiery is not worn, shoe liners or invisible socks should be worn for hygienic purposes and to prevent abrasions or blisters caused by direct contact and friction between foot and shoe” , said the NAVADMIN.

Female officer and chief petty officer “summer white uniform belted trousers are redesignated as a staple of summer white uniforms and white service dress.”

“This policy change makes it easier to use the same pants for either uniform,” NAVADMIN said.

The Navy also renamed the unbelted white trousers worn with the white uniform of Officer’s and Chief Petty Officer’s Service Dress as optional to wear and purchase, rather than required.

The changes went into effect on May 27.

Although sailors will have to wait a bit longer, the service also said a Navy Working Uniform Type III maternity top is in the works. It features shoulder patches compatible with the standard NWU Type III top.

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