The perfect combination in a unique solution

Italian wire feed solution manufacturer BTSR has announced that its ULTRAFEEDER2, the best-selling constant tension wire feeder on the market, is now available with a new concept of an innovative wire storage and release solution.

The UNICO2 device (BTSR patent) is applied on ULTRAFEEDER2 and is specifically designed for hosiery, circular and rectilinear knitting applications. It is able to automatically compensate for sudden and high variations in yarn absorption, providing both positive control of constant yarn tension and yarn storage and release capabilities.

Among the main advantages, UNICO2 guarantees high quality standards in the textile product, allowing the machine to operate at maximum speed and efficiency. Moreover, UNICO2 comes with graduation compression feature for unlimited new product styles and fashion features.

The following impressive advantages in a wide range of textile applications make this product unique, says Varese-based BTSR:

– High stitch picking ability (hosiery)

– Toe and heel application (socks)

– Extreme patterns and all yarn applications by replacing traditional stocking feeders (seamless)

– Reverse function capability (flat knit, including shoe uppers)

– Stripe and striped jacquard application (circular knitting)

Great value worldwide

For more than twenty-five years, BTSR has been the international partner of choice for large companies operating in the textile chain, from yarn preparation processes to textile manufacturing.

BTSR’s solutions include electronic sensors and intelligent systems aimed at meeting the most sophisticated requirements for yarn unwinding monitoring, supply voltage maintenance and control of the main quality parameters on any type of yarn. – from traditional textile fibers to elastomers, glass fibers, carbon fibers.

The BTSR brand is recognized by players in the textile industry as synonymous with reliability and innovation. BTSR represents great value worldwide with an extensive international distribution network, covering more than 30 countries, and able to provide qualified service in major markets, from Europe to North/South America and the Far East.

Download the UNICO2 brochure

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