This dog repellent stops chewing for $12 at Amazon

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Puppies are bound to have a chewing phase while they’re teething, but older dogs can also get into the habit of chewing on things they’re not supposed to. Breaking this habit can be difficult and there are many temporary solutions on the market like chew toys, treats and training collars. But if you want something that works almost instantly, try a chewable deterrent spray instead. Don’t know where to look? There’s one in particular that’s backed by over 2,900 five-star ratings on Amazon from shoppers who say it actually works. Plus, it’s on sale for just $12 right now.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Chew Deterrent Spray has a bitter taste and strong odor that will repel dogs and keep them away from objects you are trying to protect. Buyers say it’s surprisingly odorless to humans, meaning you can use it on virtually anything without making your home smell bitter. Like most cleaning products, it’s recommended that you test the spray on a small, hidden spot on your shoes and furniture before spraying it all on, just in case it discolors the fabric. A little goes a long way, so the 8 ounce bottle should last a while and it can be easily reapplied.

Buy it! Grannick’s Bitter Apple chew deterrent spray, $11.48 (orig. $13.16);

A satisfied buyer explained that consistency is the key to the spray. Its taste and scent are likely to fade at some point, so it is important to reapply as needed. They said they used it on their dog’s leash to stop them biting it while they were walking and added that the spray was ‘worth every penny’.

Not only does the spray work well for repelling dogs, but it can also be used for cats that tend to chew on cords, shoelaces, and plants. Some plants are poisonous to cats, so it’s important to keep them out of their reach and make sure they don’t ingest any leaves or stems. One reviewer called it “magical mist” and said it kept her cat away from her plants. They also said that reapplying the spray every two weeks does the trick.

Grannick Bitter Apple spray is highly rated by many buyers for instantly repelling dogs and cats, and will teach them what not to chew over time. Once they get away from the forbidden object, try giving them a toy to correct the behavior and show them what they can play with instead.

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