TX Dairy Processor Adds Additional Layer of Biosecurity to Safety Protocols: Seeing Increase in Safety Compliance

Canyon, Texas – Lone Star Dairy Products recently addressed the spread of dangerous pathogens via foot traffic, shoes and floors, adding Patho3gen Solutions UVZone shoe disinfection stations to their suite of safety engineering protocols. The Texas dairy processor has seen immediate and measurable improvement in safety compliance while providing a visible sign of safety to its employees, suppliers and customers.

“UVZone shoe disinfection stations, when strategically placed at our Canyon, TX facility, not only provide a visible sign of safety, but have contributed to measurable improvements in compliance in other operations such as hand washing, taking our hygiene culture to new levels. “Dave Soler – Continuous Improvement Manager, Lone Star Dairy Products

USDA estimates estimate the total annual cost of foodborne illness at $ 17.6 billion, with biological contamination being the most common cause of food recalls in the United States.

Food manufacturing industry carry a burden during the pandemic, as restrictions on worker movement and absenteeism, changes in consumer demand, the closure of food production facilities and financial pressures in the food supply chain force the adoption of new solutions and new protocols.

UVZone shoe disinfection stations use a proprietary combination of Ozone + UVC light via Corning® HPFS® fused silica (high purity fused silica). Units are placed in critical hygienic transition areas of the facility to improve biosecurity by eliminating germs carried by footwear to the floor.

UVZone is on average 110 times more efficient than UVC light alone, killing up to 99.999% of common pathogenic microorganisms including E. coli, Listeria, MRSA, C. diff, Candida Auris and Klebsiella Pneumoniae; and leaves no coronavirus residue on shoes in 8 (eight) seconds.

About Lone Star dairy products

Lone Star Dairy Products processes over 2 million pounds of high quality milk every day. The Texas facility is designed with the most advanced processes, including parallel production lines, “blend-proof” designs, and incorporates some of the industry’s strictest warranties for employees and operators. customers in biosecurity, including specialized air filtration systems, fine particle exclusion and metal detection to remove foreign matter. http://www.lsdp.com/

About UVZone

UVZone shoe disinfection technology is UL certified disinfection equipment using a multi-patented combination of ozone (O3) + UVC light to disinfect shoe soles and reduce the microbial load of indoor environments. It is proven to be 110 times more effective against common pathogenic microorganisms and over 24 times more effective at eliminating coronavirus 229E (the surrogate standard for testing efficacy against SARS-CoV-2), than UVC alone, it kills up to 99.999% of common pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, and left zero (0) coronavirus residue on shoes. The UVZone Shoe Disinfection Station is manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility in the United States, is easy to use with any shoe or shoe cover, and plugs into a standard outlet.

About PathO3Gen solutions

The sole mission of PathO3Gen Solutions is to create cleaner and safer environments. The private Florida-based company holds several patents on its technology and equipment.
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